Top New York Photographer Coney Island Pictures

Top New York Photographer Coney Island PicturesKeith Terracina, wild New York street photographer is contracted this summer photographing people having a good time on Coney Island, NY. The photographs are snapshots, showing people dancing, swimming, playing, fooling around. Some of them are spectacular, but every one of them is good.

Energized Water… why and how to energize your water? Energized Water Pitcher

Energized Water... why and how to energize your water? Energized Water Pitcherwaterfall2Water is the most godly creation directly after human being. It is able of carrying energies, and carry them with no distortions. Water is unconditionally loving without any agenda of its own.

It’s difficult to picture, but the water that we consume isn’t really coherent ((Coherence: logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship of parts. Energized water is coherent to the degree that it’s free of impurities.)). It’s much like unkempt hair: full of knots, lacking shine, sticky.

Why is that? Is it due to the contaminations of the water? Yes and no.

In our hair analogy, the foreign substances, solids, gases, and other chemicals, are like the knots in the hair: they compel the water molecules to seal the impurities off: the water itself doesn’t want to be soiled.

But the most important reason for our typical or tap water’s incoherence is its spin. (spin is much like curly hair: each hair follicle informs the individual hair which direction the spiral should go, left or right.).

Water is highest in its coherence and has the most energy when it’s left-spin. Each molecule. Consistently, through and through. That is when it is at 650 vibration.

But reasons that we can only guess, (the impurity of the human mind feels most accurate, second guess is the cause of the Great Flood: the Earth spin got reversed, all guessing!) water’s spin is turned around … it’s mostly incoherent.

Imagine your hair: every hair follicle instructs the hair to curl in a slightly different direction. The resulting hair is much like a bale of hay: no rhyme and reason, and no beauty. A big mess … Like your bad hair day? lol.

That’s how our drinking water looks when you can see it, energetically. Twirling, like sewage.

The Energizer, the Source Energy I got about a year ago, does one thing and one thing only. It comb the incoherence of the water, by, I think, altering the spin of the water molecules. To the degree it does this, to the degree the water is smooth, easy to drink, and nurturing to our internal organs and muscles.

When the water you start with has contaminations, like tap water, you’ll end up with semi-coherent water, which is still much better than what it was before.

Because all the molecules pull in the exact same direction, and their energy do not extinguish each other, their energy is not used for battling one another, the water’s energy becomes the highest water’s energy can be: which is 650. This is a vibrational measurement, utilizing, for lack of a suitable scale, Dr. Hawkins 1-1000 consciousness scale. 650 is a extremely high vibration, but not too high so your body would not be able to catch up to it.

When you consume anything made with un-energized water, soup, soda, coffee, tea, maybe even herbal tea, what you consume removes energy from you. Your body’s innate vibrational level is below the energized water, but much higher than tap water, well water, bottled water.

Your cells vibrate on a 300 level, the water in your cells vibrates at 650. When you give your body water that vibrates anywhere under 650, you first have to raise its vibration, energize it, to be able to use it … This is why we are living with chronic dehydration: our physiology cannot use the water we provide it, it has to get rid of it, because it causes more damage than good.

We are meant to drink Energized Water, water that is energized to 650. Our well being, our sanity, our life expectancy depends on it. But there is no natural water, except a few pockets on Earth, that have vibration that high … except the water the energizer method creates.

There are many methods that claim to energize, to boost the energy of the water, most don’t work, or do not do the job as well as the claims say. Structured water and other b.s. …

In an upcoming article I will evaluate all the energizing methods I can discover so you can make an educated decision … check back please. Join the notification list …

When you drink any food made or energized with Energized Water with a 650 vibration, it gives you energy to heal, to digest, to appreciate, to think, whatever we need our energy for: for a great life, for courage and energy to break away from the sheep … and become an independent being, an expanding human being, the way we were created to be.

That is how the Energizer energizes the water. It’s like a huge comb for your kinky hair … lol.

It is now available in an audio transmission format … take a look at my article about the water energizer audio.

The vibrational level of the body and the vibrational level of your consciousness are related but they are not not identical. But without en energized body, you will have a tough time elevating your consciousness’ vibration, and you are still heading to be dissatisfied and miserable, your emotions have little to do with the raising the energy of your body.

energize your water to energize your body

Water Energizer Audio

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On a lighter note…

XF2d_700I want you to look at funny… and tell me if the laugh you got is sympathetic, self-recognition, funny because it’s unexpected, unusual, etc. or derisive… Please… The deeper you see the faster you’ll raise your vibration. Guaranteed.